About the Project

The Hollybush Estate’s tenants and residents and the wider Coryton and Whitchurch community were invited during lockdown to share their experiences and memories, explore their locality, help gather information and document /map the area.  Their stories and memories were provided verbally and through art, writing, photographs and poetry to create the Coryton Heritage Trails – a living document which will continue to expand and evolve as locals tell their stories. 

The community holds a wealth of local knowledge, particularly elders who have lived here all their lives. Working inter-generationally, with children, community groups, families and individuals, we have and will continue, to connect the local community with their “place” and in doing so, provide opportunities for people to share stories, explore the past and document important history for future generations. 

Meadowland in Coryton is a crucial community resource for locals, providing natural, wild space in a densely populated area next to the M4, A470 and Coryton Interchange. It is home to an abundance of nature – contributing greatly to biodiversity, and protecting us from flooding and pollution. It is also surrounded on all sides by our cultural, industrial, natural and social history which has shaped Coryton and beyond.

Never has the notion of ‘Place’ been more significant than now. The meadowland and surrounding area has been a crucial community asset for decades and a lifeline to thousands throughout the pandemic. 

Meet the Team

Cat Lewis Cat is an artist who lives on Hollybush estate, where she is active in the resident’s group and has started a community food and wildflower garden. Her work is inspired by the natural beauty, local materials and the post-industrial vistas of her native Welsh landscape. She combines sustainable, handmade and recycled materials with both traditional and contemporary techniques. She works widely with communites, teaching and facilitating sustainable techniques and collaborative artworks. She is a keen cyclist and walker and uses her outdoor adventures to meet people, gather artefacts and record journeys that have ancient stories. wew.catlewis.com